5 important secrets that airline don’t tell their passengers

For many individuals, travelling via aeroplane has become an integral part of their lives. Actually, flying to your destination is much quicker and less hectic when compared to another medium of transport. It is also the only option you have when you want to travel abroad. That is the reason why American Airlines Flights offer the customers with amazing facilities on their journey. However, there are some important secrets which the airline companies do not reveal to their passengers. We will discuss those in the upcountry upcoming section below

Mobile phones are safe – it is a common problem that many people face when they are not allowed to use their phones. But it has been revealed that mobile phones have no influence on the overall functionality of the aeroplane in any way.

Turbulence is not life-threatening – as comforting it may sound, but in reality, turbulence seriously does not kill anyone. Even though it creates a sense of nervousness and tension, you will be glad to know it will not kill you.

Overbooking can be beneficial – in the past few years, aeroplane companies have revamped their customer policy services. Several aeroplane agencies offer huge recompensation and refund in case of overbooking or cancellation of the flight. You can even get up to 400% recompensation from the companies in case they provided with an overbooked ticket and later denied you entry.

Customer Rights – as a customer of an airline company, you have some important rights as well. Many people are not aware of this but companies can offer several facilities to their customers when asked for. So know about your rights and you might be entitled to huge cash. American Airlines Official Site has all the details of the customer rights.

Airlines cannot keep you delayed – the new airline rules have stated that an airline company cannot keep you delayed for more than 3 hours. Sitting on an aeroplane and wondering when your flight will take off can be really boring. Anytime more than 3 hours is subject to complain. So American Airlines Reservations are always on time.

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