A quick weekend trip with family by American Airlines Reservations to Bali

Besides being a beach paradise, Bali is a hub of all the exciting and thrilling activities you can experience with your family. From grand National Parks to authentic Galleries, you and your family can witness all the amazing activities on your most-awaited weekend trip.

Quickly stop whatever you are doing, and visit American Airlines Official Site to experience a gala time in Bali with your family. Here is a list of a few activities that you can do with your family when staying in Bali:

Food-treats with Orangutans at Bali Zoo: The Bali zoos offer a distinctive kind of breakfast that you can ever imagine. You can grab delicious foot-treats in the company of some friendly Orangutans. This experience can be a delightful one for your family as they serve seasonal fruits, various kind of juices, freshly-baked bread with jam and butter.

 Explore Bali Safari and Marine Park: How can you miss a chance of exploring the most visited theme parks in Bali? More than 60 species are peacefully residing in huge enclosures that are built just like their natural habitats. You can hop on safari bus to witness these animals, and get fascinated by some impressive elephant shows, and other animal-related activities. Have a blast together with your family in this alluring Park by doing American Airlines Reservations.

Visit Dream Museum Zone Trick-Eye Gallery: Who says galleries are boring? If you say so, think again! Bali has a fun-filled gallery called Dream Museum Zone Trick-Eye. You can see the huge collection of three-dimensional, pose and play with life-size-murals and well-painted artworks. If you are an art lover and fond of seeing new artworks, then this is an ideal spot for you as it has a total of 120 impressive artwork in 14 varied categories. After visiting the site, you can come across various American Airlines Deals on booking of tickets to Bali.

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