Time for backpackers to safari in Tanzania

If you are tired of working in the office and want to refresh, then you can go on safari to Tanzania. Tanzania is one of the beautiful countries in Africa. It is situated on the eastern coast of Africa. The country is full of rocky rivers, big green forests and a plethora of wildlife. You will have life changing experience if you visit the country and spend one or two night in the jungles. Safari in Tanzania is always a big attraction among tourists who love to see wildlife with their own eyes. Book your tickets by visiting the American Airlines Official Site and availing the best deal on the flights.

Here is the list of amazing places to roam around in the country.

Serengeti National Park

If you avoid visiting the Serengeti national park, then your safari to Tanzania is incomplete. The park is known to home to largest migratory bird and best wildlife for the entire year. If you love to see the wild cat, then you surely need to visit this national park. The northern and Grumeti region area Serengeti national park is considered the biggest river basin area in whole Africa.

Tarangire National Park

It is essential for you to visit once in your safari to Tanzania in Tarangire national park. This park is known to have the largest population of elephant in the world. Apart from elephants, you will be blown to see the various species of animals in the park. Summer is the best time for you to visit the national park. You can spot the giraffes, elephants, zebras and lions on the riverbanks.

Lake Eyasi

The charming atmosphere and environment around the lake Eyasi will lead you to another world. The place is crucial for tourists to know about the customs, traditions and culture. The Hadzabe tribe live around the region of the lake and they are most tourists friendly. The tribe has survived by hunting from the nearby forests. If you want to visit the place once, try to emphasise on hunting trip with the locals.

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