Go hiking with your squad in San Diego on availing American Airlines Deals

When friends get together, the topic of hiking is always discussed, there is always a fitness freak or a sunset enthusiast who wants to catch the sight from a hill which they just trekked. If you wish to go hiking with your squad, then San Diego is the place to go.

Let us look at a few places where you go can go hiking with your friends when in San Diego –

Potato Chip Rock Hike, Mt. Woodson

This is the most Instagram worthy and famous trail in the beautiful San Diego. The round trip is 7.5 miles, wear your sunscreen, get a hat, and start climbing as you compete for who first gets to the top of the mountain, the climb down would be faster, plan accordingly so that you get there at an ideal time to watch the hill at sundown or dawn. This trail is doable, and you’ll make memories galore no matter if you it tires you a little. Ask your most responsible friend to book American Airlines Flights.

Del Mar Mesa Preserve

San Diego is the fittest city in the world, and you could take a trip to this mountain in approximately 2.5 hours, the beauty of hiking among trails of oaks, creeks, trees is just beyond compare especially when you are going with friends, the beautiful wind blowing, pleasant weather, the sky looking clouded, and expectant drizzle makes for a never before experience. Do not procrastinate and make American Airlines

Three sisters fall

This hike gives you a sight of waterfalls at a distance and when the walk ends, you could hop into the pool, and cool off, and this jump in the pool is worth it after hours of trekking, imagines a day spent trekking and jumping in the pool with friends. This kind of clean fun is for those who stay away from alcohol, and drugs and look for natural, healthy ways to vacay. San Diego is a paradise for such friends. American Airlines Reservations Official Site would have all the details.

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